Monday, May 21, 2007

What to Believe?

"Some things just aren't meant to be"
"Nothing Lasts Forever"
"If at First You Don't Succeed, try, try again."
"If it came from and outlet mall, be prepared to replace it within six months."

What you see here, are the sad remnants of my brief venture into the world of feminine accesories,specifically of the reproduction-baroque-Marie Antoinette-redux variety. Yes, my wondrous-shiny fake pearl and pewtar wristwatch committed suicide last night, and you would to if you were forced to be on the wrist of someone while they heave a 30lb trash bag full of coffee grounds into a dumpster on a rainy Sunday night. Sadder even, is that said watch had to be carried home in a plastic food-handler's glove.

So what now? Do i take this as a sign that wrist jewelry and I should part ways forever? Was the watch offended that I only looked at it's sparkles and never actually used it to tell time (because I can't read clocks)? Or is there a deeper meaning here in regards to my femininity? The juxtaposition of a snapping wristband sending faux pearls bouncing along the floor of a theater concessions kitchen where bleach buckets and URNEX abound, causes one to wonder if perhaps my wrist is not the best place for pretty things to be. Has my environment won the battle over whether I continue my slow return to the world of high heels and picnic dresses- the world I left behind somewhere in the late 90's- or am i doomed to jeans-and-t-shirts-ville, where i've had uneasy citizenship for quite some time. Can i not live in both? And what about the fact that I've always been allergic to the basic metals used in earrings, and thus, can only wear them about two days a week? Must I face the reality that perhaps, I'm not allowed to dress up?

Maybe I should just replace my watch and not wear it when I'm working.


Keepitmoving said...

I doubt your broken watch, although lovely I'm sure, was your missing link to ladyville. Right? No matter how sparkly it may have been. I don't think you should place your femininity on a wrist watch when we all know the real secret is the right scent and perfect lipstick!

I don't see how anyone can wear things on their wrists anyway and I totally make jewelry expecting people buy it!

Screw the watch (it's not like you need it) and get some cute earrings that don't make you allergic instead.

Spiro said...

i just love you.

and, did you get my message???

Kj said...

word dawg, i got your text yesterday while i was headed into a late night Shrek 3 showing, so i didn;t have time to respond. BTW- anyone reading this- don't bother to approach Shrek 3- there's too much and not enough going on there- they had no story but decided to make the movie anyway.

and my brother filled me in. Say hi to Bree (Bri?) for me.

jessi knippel said...

hey sorry to hear about the watch. if you still have the pieces i can try and work my bead magic on it. would love to see you before the drudgery of philosophy starts...happy hour?


Kj said...

Philosopy? Drudgery? we'll have to talk about that. I can baraely hold myself back from the Plato sitting on my shelf, but i have to finish OT stuff first. but yes, we shall spend time together soon,all the better if beer and mashed potatoes are involved (aka belltown Bistro)