Saturday, March 29, 2008


Do you ever have
phone conversations that make
you want to chew glass?

Friday, March 28, 2008

scarf scarf scarf

The "Its Okay to be an Activist" Scarf for:

Name: Paula Womack

Job: MACP Graduate Student; Brunch server extraordinaire (bartend a bit on the side but not long enough to have earned the title).

Age: 28 years old

What i want to be when i grow up:

Best thing that happened to me last week: I got my ipod's been in Portland since September

On my bookshelf most recently: Passionate booklets

On my ipod a lot lately: everything from Indigo Girls to Patty Griffin to random music my friends give me...getting reacquainted with it (see "Best thing that happened to me last week" above...)

Just watched this: "My Life as a Dog"...for class

Why i let someone knit me a scarf with hardly any say in how it would look: Because KJ is cool and she let me hug her when she had a very huggable sweater on. And, I had seen her male scarf line and wanted to get in on being one of the first (OK, I was the second) women she made a scarf for :)

Kj's Inspiration: For Paula, I broke the mold of using 1 or 2 neutral colors and a "punch" color, by using 2 bold colors and 1 neutral as accent. This came from the fact that while I was starting to imagine sky blues for Paula, she said "I want a RED scarf." Also, I'd fallen in love with this black/purple yarn and had wanted a reason to use it. Normally I would never put purple, black and red together, but with a little gray- it really felt appropriately funky-chic to match Paula's suave-stand-out-ishness. I don't know why I called it an activist scarf- it's sort of subconscious, but I don't think Paula would mind being called an activist, and the "it's okay to be one" part I think is the fact that this scarf sort of feels a little bourgeois-bohemian-wanna-be-edgy to me- or at least on the verge of it, so I'm saying, it's okay to be on the verge of trends sometime. Even on the edge of edgy which ends up near the middle of normal. And now I'm rambling. I really like this scarf.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Hey Jude

There's so much wrong here, and so much right. And I promise I'll blog about something real, soon. For now, enjoy.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Women's Department

It took a while, but I was finally ready to knit for GIRLS!! And also, ready to expand the Scarf Blog Interviews. So here is "The Elongated Polka-Dot Scarf" for:

Name: Lacie Kaye Morrison

Job: Nanny

Age: 26

What i want to be when I grow up: A therapist and a crazy cool scarf collector

Best thing that happened to me last week: ...

On my bookshelf most recently: Besides school books? "The beautiful things that heaven bears" and a bunch of anne lamott's stuff. but they tend to sort of stay on my bookshelf, if you know what i mean. :)

On my ipod a lot lately: The weepies, tegan and sara, always don and lori chaffer (waterdeep)

Just watched this: Gilmore Girls

Why i let someone knit me a scarf with hardly any say in how it would look: Have you seen all the other scarves kj's been making for people? how could i not?

Kj's Inspiration: Enough women had started asking me if I'd do girl scarves that by the time Lacie approached me enthusiastically, I was finally ready. I was inspired a silk scarf she was wearing in her hair at the time which was very Pop 60's turquoise polka dots. And of course, I was inspired by Lacie's brown hair and blue eyes (projecting myself a little bit too...).

Then, while I was knitting in my housemate's room (and beating him at computer Monopoly) I noticed that his bedding was awesome art deco polka dots in almost the exact color scheme I was working on. So, since I'm sticking with stripes for now, this scarf is my idea of funky polka dots streamlined for chic-ness. (Also, when I gave Lacie her scarf on Monday, she was wearing a mint green shirt with little white polka dots- it just makes sense, people.)

Friday, March 14, 2008

They Keep Coming

The "Sensitive Punk Rocker" Scarf for:

Name: K. Brent Brownlee Jr.

Job: Student/The Seattle Times (I Babysit ads...)

Age: 26

What i want to be when i grow up: A therapist. And a telescoper.

Best thing that happened to me last week was: Reading Week... Wonderful Quality time with my beautiful wife... and no school work...

Why i let someone knit me a scarf with hardly any say in how it would look: It's me working through my trust issues.

Kj's Inspiration: Brent said I could do whatever I wanted, even if it included pink- which guaranteed that it would indeed include pink. Ideally, I wanted colors closer to black and magenta, but I like the happy medium I found based on what was available.Brent (though I don't think he's totally aware of it) has a great fashion sense and always looks sharp and haphazard at the same time, which is very tricky to achieve naturally. And I think he does it well.

So I wanted to give him a scarf that said "Yeah, I'm wearing pink. You wish you could pull it off as well as I am!"

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Holy Obi Kenobi!

This goes out to my 4-year old niece Abby who called C-3P0 "the Guy with Gold Pants" and remarked "Darth Vader, that's a pretty name."

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Haiku for a Little Girl Sitting Alone on the Curb

I keep a photo
of five-year-old me above
my desk. She looks sad.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

The One that Started it All

This was the first scarf of my current craze- a good case of someone asking the right question at the right time. I was ready to knit and so I did.

The "Surprise Me" Scarf for:

Name: Josh Jones

Job: Coolest Dictator Ever

: 26

What I Want To Be When I Grow Up: Supreme Overlord of the entire world or an astronaut

Best Thing That Happened To Me Last Week Was: finding out I'm going to
Oregon to ski over reading week

Why I Let Someone Knit Me A Scarf With Hardly Any Say In How It Would Look: I like adventure

Kj's inspiration: Since this was the first thing I'd knit for a guy in quite sometime, I was admittedly, working with a 2004 fashion paradigm, back when people we just starting to wear hoodies under tweed jackets, and faux hawks were popping up places other than the two coasts. In this case, that meant using a grey background (very standard and manly) with a jolt of lime green. I think I'd been wanting to make this scarf for about 4 years, so thankfully, Josh just let me do whatever I wanted.