Monday, September 10, 2007

Overwhelmed by Beauty...of a sandwhich

There's so much I want to write about- so much that has happened in a very, very long week. There are pictures I want to post, poems I wish I could put here but cannot, annecdotes I think would be funny to share, but in the midst of how busy I still am, how full I feel of complex and rich emotions, all I can really do right now is acknowledge that I am eating the best sandwhich I've ever had in my life.

Getting off the bus today, coming from therapy, and heading to school to do about five hours of research for a paper before I begin a class on attachment theory in psychotherapy, and having today be the day that I finally pick up my student loan check which I've had nightmares about opening and finding only $500 there, when I need it to be $2000, and after an exhausting and immense week of working to welcome the new class of students to Mars Hill, and trying to dive into what it means to be part of student leadership now---all that stuff caused me to take a drastic turn across Wall St and walk into the French bakery I've been eyeing for months. Sometimes you know you just need a baguette. And I did. And this turkey, havarti, dijion, romaine and pickles on crusty baguette for less than $7 is like a tender love song to my stomach and my soul. Thank you God, thank you french bakery, thank you sandwhich-- it's been a long week. And for the moment, my hunger is more than satisfied.

Boulangerie Nantaise


ROBERTA said...

it's always the simple things of life that bring such joy! your sandwich sounds heavenly..........

Keepitmoving said...

bag it and tag it