Tuesday, October 16, 2007

On Today's Agenda...

So, my friend Niegel is currently directing part of Suzan Lori-Parks' 365 Days/365 Plays project, (wherein for 365 days starting in November 2002, Parks wrote one play a day for 365 days, and now theatres across the country are performing those plays for 365 days), and one of his plays calls for 365 post-it notes with to-do tasks written on them to be onstage, so he asked a bunch of us for some additional random tasks that coudl be anything from "Pick up a box of cheerios" to "Travel back in time". There are few things I enjoy more than making lists, so here's the tasks I sent to him:

Watch "Taxi Driver"
Place heart on sleeve
Learn Hebrew
Attend high school reunion
Let go of the shame
Mail that postcard
Remember the Alamo
Confront you-know-who
Light a Yankee candle
Ask her forgiveness
Pledge allegiance to the flag
Refuse their advances
Turn off your computer
Read "Anne of Green Gables"
Smile at him tomorrow
Start praying again
Return grocery cart
Call them on their shit
Use some crayons
Buy a big pretzel (with salt)
Sing me a song
Use a bandaid
Accept the crown
Leave wings unclipped
See the Taj Mahal
Write your memoirs
Include three references
Steal the painting
Talk about it with someone
Eat more carrots


Derrick Fudge said...

What an excellent list. I must also like lists, because it looks so beautiful. I didn't read your list, but it did make me want to make my own list. I can only hope my list will inspire as much list-making desire as your does. It is kind of a "pay it forward: thing, isn't it?

Kj said...

if paying it forward means not reading my list and just writing your own, i think you need to rethink you engagement style.