Sunday, November 4, 2007

New Friends

My Birthday is a special time of year, because, besides Christimas, it's the only time of year that my DVD collection has any shot at real growth, (and it rarely grows beyond 2 at a time). I've been working hard to curtail my film purchasing, 1, because I have about $12 in my bank account, and 2, because for the past few months I've been babysitting my brother's 400+ DVD collection, and thus, never have a day without something new to watch. The introduction of my brother's film archive to my house also affected my wishlist, because a good 40% of the movies I had on "High" priority, suddenly moved into my bedroom, so it seemed redundant to ask for them when they were already close at hand.

So, that said, I really didn't expect to get any new movies this year. Also, I've really been hankering for books in a way I haven't since I lived in New York. Thus, it came as an awesome surprise to find my DVD shelf overflowing this year with new additions. So much so, that I've had to move some books around to new places in my room (and beyond). Likewise, this birthday saw some great new books added to my library as well, not the least of which being, a Jewish Study Bible TANAKH translation, that I fell in love with earlier this summer and did not want to return to the school library and now don't have to cuz I gots me own!

Anyhoo, he's the new eclectic members of the Kj Best Friends Forever DVD Club. Thanks to all who participated in blessing me through my love language of DVDs.
The Station Agent
State and Main
Edward Scissorhands
Groundhog Day
Jane Eyre
Star Trek: First Contact


Anonymous said...

How bout I'll come visit you in Seattle and we'll have a movie night??

Kj said...

Yeah! We can watch "Friends With Money" (just kidding) :)

Tim said...

Shopgirl is one of my favorite movies, but did you ever get around to watching Julien Donkey-Boy?

Kj said...

no- i'm too scared. but it is my shelf currently...

Kj said...

and i ended up really liking shopgirl, but think that Steve Martin was really miscast- he never planned on playing the part and got talked into it- i think it's so well written by him, but he just doesn;t work i don;t think, and i love dramatic steve martin- i think he's too old for th part now. he could have done it ten years ago and been perfect. that's my humble aopinion. but schwartzemn is phenomenal.