Thursday, December 20, 2007

Finally Done

With the completion of a take home Greek final, I'm finally, truly, absolutely done with school for the first time all year. Be it bad luck or bad design, both of my short short short breaks between spring/summer and summer/fall terms ended up being full of school stuff, the worst being the week break before fall term that was spent in a 5 day 9-5 class. Which means that as of today, it really is the first time I don't have schoolwork to be thinking about. Well, I mean, give it a week or two and I'll probably have some reading to do, but for December, I really do seem to be free. Not that I don't love school, I really do take ridiculous delight in research papers, but constant brain work definitely takes a toll.

Here's some pictures I semi-furtively took on the last day of Greek class. Everyone was doing their individual research/translation presentations, and contrary to what these pictures show, it was a really great class. What you see on these faces is BRAIN FRY, not boredom (at least more loopy or end-of-the-rope-ness, than boredom).

So with much love to my fellow M-Div-ers, hope you're getting some rest. And sorry I stuck these super-flattering pictures here without your permission.

Hearts and Flowers to you all.

This is also pretty good documentation of the "Apple" orchard that is the MHGS MDiv program. And of course the pictures were taken with a Mac too.

Also, considering the gorgeous adaptive-reuse Brick building that is our school, why does it look like our class meets in a church basement?


JustAnotherDramaQueen said...

i quote: "why does it look like our class meets in a church basement." Destiny fulfills itself. Hoorah for doneness!

Lucy's mom said...

Christmas dinner at 4 pm. Be there or be square. Seriously, I'm really looking forward to seeing you and your friend(s). We'll celebrate with joy.

Kj said...

YAY!!!!!!!! CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!

and Niegel- so true, so true.

Spiro said...

everyone looks so.... happy.