Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Hero Factory

The Hero Factory is a super great way to spend time you should spend sleeping or doing homework. Here's your new procrastination activity: create your own superhero. They'll even name it for you and give you a comic book cover. Ian did his, and here's mine. They named me "The Talented Splintery Condor" but when I made some alterations, they changed the name to "The Superhuman Barky Angel." Here's a look at both.
Mysterious isn't she? Bet you want to know what the stick is for.


Ian said...

That was the hair I chose when I did my female hero too. :)

Kj said...

i like how once i lowered the neckline, her symbol became part tattoo.

Kim said...

I made two. General Whipped Whip Lash & Mister Four Eyed Arrow. Now I want a whole deck of superheros!