Sunday, April 19, 2009

How Stories Enchant Forests

Robert K. Johnston, referencing C.S. Lewis about the "something more" that happens in story.
-For Lewis this something more is not an escape from reality, though it is a reality baffling to the intellect. "It may not be 'like real life' in the superficial sense, but it sets before us an image of what reality may well be like at some more central region." When children, for example, read of enchanted woods, they do not begin to despise the real woods. Rather, "the reading makes all real woods a little enchanted." -
from Reframing Theology & Film

For the Spiro Ladies Who Enchant My Life


Spiro said...

oooh! i'm so glad i get clumped in there... because i feel that my sisters are far more enchanting-- and aid me to the "something more."

lucy bought me prophetic imagination by brueggemann. this post just inspired me to read it...

Maryann said...

K.J.! Were you particularly enchanted by the forests in Twilight? I'm skeptical.

Kj said...

well's a long story