Thursday, September 17, 2009

Like Muriel Rukeyser's poem...

...which asks,

"What would happen if one woman told the truth about her life? The world would split open,"

this video exemplifies my belief which posits,

"What would happen if one guy danced with all his might?
The world would come running."

I think its as important for men to feel free to dance as it is for women to feel free to speak. Say no to shame, yes to freedom, (and boogie).


ROBERTA said...

now THAT was very cool...i'm wondering if you started doing that at bus stops if the world would join you?

Kj said...

Oh Roberta, let's hope I try it one day...

Chase said...

huh. women's voices and men's dances. Is that really similar in shame experiences?
That is helpful and gives my quest to dance more meaning. Thank you.

Kj said...

Chase- (hello)

Culturally they are different categories, and women's voices is a 4,000+ year old issue, but I still make a strong case for men feeling free in their bodies in ways that aren't some stereotyped caricature version of strength, aggression or violence. Most boys are pressured from an early age not to use there bodies expressively, that it's effeminate to dance, use hips, or be physically expressive at all. I think it's really important that boys grow up free to be confident and creative in how they can express themselves physically- that it is inviting, beautiful and strong when grown men and little boys feel free to dance. It's tragic when boys are taught not to "dance like girls" since girls are not the only ones who want to dance. There's a lot of shaming there, and it's a load of crap.

To dance is a great quest indeed.