Friday, January 19, 2007

My "Top 3" of 2006

(Yes, I'm essentially cutting and pasting recent posts from my ol' Friendster blog, but this is really important stuff, (as I'm sure is apparent. Who doesn't love reading lists?)

My Top 3 Films of 2006

This is a little challenging this year. What constitutes Top 3 status? The quality of the film? The Story? My actual filmgoing experience? How long the movie stayed with me after seeing it? Well, my Top three of last year kind of cover all that territory when you put them together:
for 2005 it was:

Walk The Line
Everything Is Illuminated
Batman Begins

So with the above vague criteria, if i have to narrow it down to three, arghh, this is hard. The top one is pretty obvious, way out ahead of the others. But there are three that hit me in different ways, none of which had super memorable film experiences, but all of which resonate in a particularly relevant way to me. Darn it. I think I'm gonna make a top Four of 2006, and the final three will be listed side by side alphatbetically, because I can't place them in any significant order. Here we go
2006 Top Four:

Marie Antoinette
Friends With Money / Little Miss Sunshine / The Prestige

all i gotta say, is that Sofia Coppola better come out with a shimmering, bejewelled punk rock two disc special edition of Marie Antoinette, because the Lost In Translation DVD is pretty darn boring. i mean good features, but no presentation. I'm wating eagerly...


MackAttack said...

Kayj, My sister and I rented "Friends with Money" a
few weeks ago and both throught is was possibly the worst movie we'd EVER SEEN. We both felt like we should have turned it off but we kept watching it in hopes it would redeem itself. Instead, it just got worse!

Since it seems you like to comment on movies, I want to take your opinion into consideration and watch movies you recommend, however now I am reluctant due to that movie as being your top 4 of 2006!!! What gives?


Kj said...

At least you didn't see "Friends with Money" because of me. I definately wouldn't have recomended it. I like it for very complicated reasons- what it reveals about strained relationships and how people do or don't communicate. i like it for my own collection, but can't imagine sitting down to watch it with buddies, ya know. Though, come to think of it, Richard and I saw it together in New York. At least I think it was Richard. Hope i'm not forever tainted in your eyes when it comes to movies.