Thursday, June 21, 2007

June 21

I have a disturbingly good memory except when it comes to dates and knowing left from right. However, there are a few dates that somehow have succeeded in sticking in my memory amidst all the birthdays I cannot remember. June 21st has long been one of them. Every year since 1989, I've had a reason to remember June 21, and the reasons keep adding up. Its probably safe to say that I have a propensity towards remembering things having to do with the number 21 because I was born on a 21 and its my unnofficial favorite number. Anyway, here's a starting line-up of June 21sts.

June 21, 1989
The Swansons move from Maryland to San Diego, CA. This marks the official changeover from Katie to Kj (techinically still K.J. at that point), as I arrive in a new state where there's no one who ever knew me as Katie.

June 21, 2003
Mackenzie Newman (who I met not long after June 21, 1989 in Mr. Rosell's 4th grade class, thus making her my official oldest friend) marries Matt Sterling and becomes the first of my peers to wed, and my first time as a wedding party member (outside of family).

June 21, 2006
My last day working (or walking) in New York City. I'd be in the hospital the next day. Because of the proximity of my pneumonia adventure to June 21st, I'll now always remember the date of my chaotic exit from New York. More on that probably tomorrow. Or maybe not.


Anonymous said...

Kj, I am sorry your anniversary of your last day in NY is on June 21st because then you will always remember it, and it wasn't a very happy time! I remember last year, your dad called me from the hospital and said "Kj wanted you to know she's in the hospital so she couldn't call you, but she wants to wish you and Matt and happy anniversary." I remember thinking to myself that you were insane to be thinking of my anniv. at a time like that, but now your blog post has explained to me your propensity towards remembering 6/21! :)

Also, it's the first day of summer and the longest day of the year... yay!

Keepitmoving said...

I can't believe it's been a year. I miss you beyond comprehension, seriously, it's so unfair.