Thursday, June 21, 2007

Seattle's Best

It didn't take long, once I arrived in Seattle, to notice a strange, new and alluring curiosity: men, of all shapes and ages, walking around in kilts, and specifically, kilts that look like they were made by Carharts. This at least weekly occurance combined a few things I'm very fond of:
a) Carharts
b) Scotland
c) men wearing kilts.

In Seattle, seeing kilts is about as common as seeing hair scrunchies- they're out there, but not overwhelmingly so, and when one walks by, you turn your head and think "Yeah- you wear that!"

And it's all thanks to local Seattle company Utilikilts, which is exactly what it sounds like: Kilts that are utilitarian and good for every day carpentry work, skateboarding or church pew sitting. I saw a fifteen year old kid get on the bus last week who was actually busting a sag with his utilikilt. I send a holla your way, young sir. Especially now, since I've done some research and see that utilikilts are not cheap. There is no apathy when it comes to public kilt wearing; It's all the way.

Kilt-wearing men of Seattle, I salute you!


richard said...

kj i want one. seriously. another reason to come to seattle. i love boys in skirts, so why not be one of them myself? if seattle's doing it, why not nyc? but do you have to have good legs to look good in a kilt? i'm sure it helps, but do you HAVE to?

Kj said...

Richard, you could totally pull it off. I've seen your legs, and could definately handle seeing more of them.

Jen HW said...

If these were not so unbelievably expensive, you can bet I'd be hounding Rob to wear one. At least for yard work. Cargo pockets and summer breezes! I mean, wow.