Thursday, July 12, 2007

Moments of Shalom and Corporate American Convenience Food Providers

Albeit, it's not quite walking into Cheers and having everyone shout my name as I walk over to "my" barstool, but this Monday, I went to the Quiznos in Lower Queen Anne where I go a few times a week, either right before I go to work at Intiman, or between the matinee and evening show at Intiman, or before Monday night pub trivia at Jabu's down the street. Well, after my first few visits to the Quiznos a month or two ago, I decided to try to get to know the staff a little but, mostly because I kept running into them on the street or on the 15 bus, or because when I go there, I usually sit there for about an hour reading for class, and because I'm there for such long stretches of time, often the only customer in there, the staff just sort of got used to me and, in a nice way, stopped being on their best behavior when I'm around and started feeling free to bicker with one another in my presence or stock the beverage fridge, neither of which I mind at all. So, long story long, I walked into Quiznos this Monday, and only saw the newish guy whom I don't know yet, but I walked past the counter to go through to use the restroom before I ordered. When I came back in, staff member Curtis, whom I hadn't seen when I came in, shouted "Your sandwhich is ready." And whaddya know, he'd seen me come in, and went ahead and made my regular roast beef and chedder on wheat, extra mayo, two tomatoes, no oregano, extra toasted. Does this mean I go there too often or that I've finally found the place "where everybody knows my name"? I'm deciding to take this as a moment of heaven on earth, and ignore the part where I name myself as someone who actually hangs out at Quiznos.

Shalom #2
Free Slurpee day at 7-11. It was yesterday, July, 11. get it? 7/11? Albeit (note second use of albeit in one blog post) they were tiny one-serving cups, but it gave me the chance to try Bubble Yum slurpee without the risk of having it ruin a whole large slurpee if it was nasty. It wasn't nasty.

Not Shalom: Cabe and I trying to hit up another 7-11 for another free slurpee after the first one and having the other 7-11 not giving away free slurpees. So much for the free slurpee road trip!


Anonymous said...

remember our many slurpee stops after school? ahh... the good old days. or at least the old days. :)

sis and i celebrated yesterday by getting slurpees, by the way. she got my and her free ones and i bought a bigger one, because how often do i get slurpees anymore now that i'm a grown up?

Kj said...

the more grown up you are, the more money you have to spend on slurpees. that's my philosophy.

Keepitmoving said...

7/11's in New York City????
Are there any? If anyone one knows, it's you kj.

Kj said...

of course friend.

There's a great one on 42nd between 8th and 9th.

Also, there's one by the 4,5,6 train exit, I think at 28th street.

they're a good source of 1.99 tuna sandwhiches and SLURPEES!