Saturday, January 5, 2008

Favorite Moments from My Visit to TV-Land

I've been visiting my parents- which means I got to watch TV this week; more specifically, Cable. And for all my high ideals and pretentiousness, there's still few things better than a WEEK-long "America's Next Top Model" marathon on VH1. Glory, glory, hallelujah.

But my favorite TV moments this week, were actually commercials. The first was a Fixodent ad. I'm not sure why, but it made me really happy to see that Dentures have joined the ranks of products using sex to sell their wares. The commercial showed a white-haired couple making out in a taxi, with a voice-over saying "One of them is wearing dentures..." I figure, if our culture is going to continue to exploit sex and sensuality, at least use it for something good, like helping women and men over sixty-five feel desirable. I support that. I find it a lot more respectful than the comment that so often accompanies the sighting of an elderly couple kissing: "Oh, how cute." I don't want to be prattled over like a toddler when I'm 70. I'd rather be making out in a taxi. Well done, Fixodent.

My second favorite moment is something I just saw, while sitting on the floor of Gate A4 at the Phoenix airport. I heard, emanating from the TV above, the triumphantly cloying sound of "Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I Love Ya! Tomorrow". My eyes rose to the sound of my heart song, and what did I see, but an ad for the new "American Gladiators"! So not only is "American Gladiators" coming back to TV, but they have enough self-deprecating, ironic genius, to play the theme song from "Annie" alongside images of body builders falling off shiny jousting podiums. It made me want to stand up and salute the nearest flag. I knew American TV was good for something! Oh Cable TV, I will miss you!!!


Anonymous said...

Kayj, I am so glad you found/are finding joy during your trip.
xo Ken

Anonymous said...

and it's 9pm on Sunday night and guess who is watching the premier return of the American Gladiators in my house?? well, it's not me. :)

did you remember i was voted most likely to be an american gladiator in our sr. yearbook?? how random.

Kj said...

HA! I forgot that. Must have been all of that smart talking about yur jazz dance prowess. Not to mention those karate chopping skills. you were not to be messed with.