Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Kj on Tour: Idaho

So I spent the weekend on my first business trip: sort of. Mars Hll Graduate School is sponsoring Brian McClaren's "Everthing Must Change" Tour, which is basically the progressive Christians' call to arms (or call to paradigm shifts) regarding Global Warming, Capitalist Imperialism, Poverty, and all those other things that the Evangelical Church has pretty much ducked their heads in the sand about.

I, and another student went along as MHGS faces to stand at a table, hand out Hot Tamale candy and answer questions. It was fun.

I stayed here:

Ate here:
Learned a lot about this:

And listened to this guy:

As a sponsoring presence, MHGS got to show a video about who we are. A classmate of mine made the video, and friends of mine are in it. It's funny, because in my experience, so much of who we are at Mars Hill has to do with our relationships outside the Christian community, so it was strange to watch this video, which was made for Christian audiences. The joke around school was "Wow, this video is so Christian!" But, so are we I guess. I think it's a nice portrait, depsite its audience specificity.
"what if..." an mhgs short film from blainehogan on Vimeo.

It was a great weekend. I highly recommend Nampa, Idaho to anyone who likes snow, foothills, chain restaurants and air that smells pervasively of peanut butter.


Anonymous said...

i want to be abby wong!

Kj said...

You can be Mackenzie Sterling instead!!!
(but Abby is a good choice too)

Jen HW said...

I really like this video! It is cool to get a picture of this place that has become such a big part of your life. I feel like I would be at home there. :-)

I also dig Brian McLaren...is this new book good? I haven't read it yet.

Kj said...

a) you absolutely would fit in here and probably end up getting your Phd in something then coming back to be the president one day.

b) i didn't read the book yet. it's probably great. don;t tell the conference organizers that i hadn't read it :)

Anonymous said...

I agree that it is cool as a non-MH person to get a taste of where you go every day and the types of people and ideas you experience. thanks for posting that video!

from, happy to be Kennedy

Jen HW said...

LOL! I don't want to be the president of anything. But I do wish I could instantly transport myself to Seattle and visit you.

katrina said...

just watched this video again....ummm, yes please!