Monday, February 25, 2008

A Profile in Yarn

So I'm on a kick right now- knitting for the men of Mars Hill. It started when I got the urge to knit something and couldn't think of anything and one lucky guy walked up and basically asked if I'd knit a scarf for him. I was only too eager to comply. It's given me an excuse to check out the yarn store on 1st near Belltown Bistro, and has helped me innovate new ways to multi-task: knitting while reading articles on Midrashic interpretations on the book of Ruth.

I've given myself limitations (always freeing) in that I'm only using Cascade brand yarn (good but cheap), am knitting lengthwise instead of widthwise (how most scarves are knit) and am working with a basic neutral color with one or two punch colors: Ex. grey and lime green.

So here's the first (though actually the third) of my scarves/friends. Meet one of my roomates:

The "WWII Army Pilot Goes to Oxford" Scarf
Name: Clinton Campbell

Job: MACP Student/Computer hacking guru of sorts (Masters in Counseling Psychology)

Age: 27 or so

What I Want to be When I Grow Up: A kid.

Best Thing That Happened to Me Last Week Was: Aside from receiving a frickin' awesome scarf ;), I decided to buy painting supplies ... yippee!

Why I Let Someone Knit Me a Scarf With Hardly Any Say in How it Would Look: Well now that you say it like that!?!? j/k. Surprises are cool, and the Kj knows what's hip.
Kj's Inspiration: both of Clinton's primary jacket/hoodie options are camouflage green and always make me think of bomber jackets. I wanted something to make his eyes sparkle (i have a sound effect to go with this) but also felt it should look a little scholarly. So I chose a mottled brownish/red/black as the background, a dark turquoise for the eyeball thing, and an orange for the punch color. Why orange? Because I've been wanting to use orange since I started this obsession and Nathan said No. (His info coming soon).

(eye sparkle not captured digitally- recommend viewing in person)


Keepitmoving said...

What a handsome scarf!!! I love what a knitting machine you are Kj! (Seriously jealous sometimes.) I want more of these profiles... they are great and so are your scarves... color choices so unlikely but awesome. Go go gadget knitting arm!!

Let me know if you want to work out that other version... we talked about a week and three scarves ago!

Matt Swanson said...

Kj, you could net some serious cash if you could find the right boutique to sell your scarves. Seriously, it's beautiful.

johny b said...

what a stunning man... but better yet.. what a STUNNING scarf!!!

fantastico! that is spanish for.. fantastico!