Wednesday, April 16, 2008

1...2...3 Everybody's Doing It

Book Meme.

The rules: turn to page 123 of the book(s) you're currently reading and copy down lines 6, 7 and 8.

Key Concepts in Psychotherapy Erwin Singer

emotional difficulty: the pathology of feeling compelled to en-
gage in "acitivity" which he knows he cannot puruse;
he must be free to know when to say "no," must not feel compelled to

The Brief History of the Dead Kevin Brockmeier
and dad. So many people. I should remain professional here.
I'm sorry. No wonder we never heard anything from Coca-Cola.
I'm sure we'll manage to get in touch with somebody sooner or

The Web of Life Fritjof Capra
ory is the first mathematics that enables scientists to deal with the
full complexity of these nonlinear phenomna.
The exploration of nonlinear systems over the past decades has

Long-Term Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Glen Gabbard
the previous night than a daydream they had only minutes before the session began. Patients seem to feel more responsibility for daydreams and therefore feel that their secret fears, wishes, deficiencies, and conflicts are

Adam Bede George Eliot
tuition which is the distinguishing attribute of their sex, see at once
that he is "nice." The chances are that he will go through life without
scandalizing any one; a sea-worthy vessel that no one would refuse to

Introducing the New Testament Achtemeier, Green, Thompson
to some, Mark the Evangelis has appeard as little more than a chronicler,
having put the sory of Jesus' career in written form for the sake of posterity. Thisview has been helped along by the ancient tradtion stating that Mark served as Pe-

The Kingdom of God is Like... Thomas Keating

doesn't have 123 pages...sorry buddy

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