Wednesday, April 2, 2008

A quick barometer quiz

I Stole this list from Lucy (see side panel), and I couldn't resist the procrastinatory invitation to blog instead of writing another page of my 15 page treatise on whatever it is I'm writing about tonight.

Thought: Will I scare my neighbors if I start smashing bottles in our cul-de-sac late at night?

Heroine: Sofia Coppola

Contemplation: When is God not about process?

Film: The Matrix. It keeps coming up. Everything in my life right now seems to bring up the Blue Pill or Red Pill question. I definitely downed the red one...

Shame-Inducing Guilty Pleasure: Listening to Dashboard Confessional's "The Best Deceptions." A LOT

Color: White- I've started wearing it again, a little bit.

Wish: for a counterpart

Song: 'Stop Whispering" Radiohead

Book: Kevin Brockmeier's "the Brief History of the Dead"

Triumph: I'm kicking my homework's ass!!! (but I might be bruised internally just the same)

Celebrity Crush: Steve Martin

Indulgence: French Baroque Opera

Story: The Diary of Anne Frank

Surprise: Receiving a $10 McDonalds gift card in the mail from my favorite paradoxical fast food friend Neigel Smith in NYC.

Field Trip: I don't get to go places. But I do have two of my favorite people on earth headed out here within the next six weeks.

Feeling: anger, anxiety, rage, rest, spite, serentiy, stupidity, the usual...


lucy said...

oh, I just love this. It gives a window into the soul, I think. Thinking of you and your brilliant paper. I was reading some Emerson, and was kind of astonished by how well it paralleled our conversation. It might be something to enjoy someday... :)

Kj said...

he's on my list!

johny b said...

really cool list, Kj... thanks for sharing it... maybe i will be moved to do it myself...

Kj said...

do it Yanni!

Anonymous said...

this was nice. thanks.