Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Summer Means Watching Movies Made From Comic Books

Here's two:

Enjoyable and visually fun. But though i loved the main character, there seemed to be no relationship or character development outside of him (Were we supposed to care about "John Myers," and why was Selma Blair so awful?). I hope the sequel will be better written because it looks to cool not to go see.
3 1/2 stars (for its Guillermo del Toro-ness)

Hellboy 2: The Golden Army
It's the visual equivalent of eating an Oak tree made of chocolate: you don't quite understand how it came to be, but it looks so rich, dark and delicious that you stop asking why and simply enjoy. Though the writing and dramaturgy are overall pretty lacking, the worlds evoked and the look of every character are so mystifying that by the end of the movie, you want to find the monster under your bed so you can follow it to it's homeland bedecked in azure and goldenrod and populated by people who bleed tree sap. The imagination in this movie should make George Lucas ashamed and embarrassed forever.
4 stars (for its even more Guillermo Del Toro-ness)

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