Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Weird, but it happens sometimes

So my housemate Johny and I were watching TV (or ITunes on computer, more accurately) this evening, when all of a sudden we heard a crazy, rumbling whoosh sound getting louder and closer so we both immediately leapt onto the sofa to look out the window and see what was flying over us. A second later, 2 fighter jets, followed by two more fighter jets flew QUITE close over head and zoomed southward. Now, I spent 10 years living about three blocks from a Naval Air station, so I'm used to getting buzzed by fly-overs, but this was not a normal part of my Seattle experience. My first thought was, "Is it the Blue Angels?" but they were just gray .

Still perched there waiting if more would come, I said to Johny, "This is weird because last night I totally had a dream that you and I were watching fighter jets fly in front of us and I said 'They don't look like F-14's' and you said 'No, they're F-16's" then real life Johny turned to me and said "that's what those were- F-16's." So it was an odd experience on various levels and kind of rattled us literally and figuratively.

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Derrick Fudge said...

Man, I love those type of people. I think I married one. Not me though. All my feelings of predictions usually mean I forgot to take my Ritalin.