Saturday, August 9, 2008

Watching Goonies at the Space Needle

On a RARE Friday when I wan;t working, I joined some MHGS peeps, new, current and graduated last night to watch The Goonies outdoor at the Seattle Center. It was gnarly!

Note to self: next time, remember your cold, shivering body and the limbs that lost all feeling so that you'll bring blankets (plural) and buy one of those little back rest camping chairs.

It was totally fun though, and arriving three hours early assured our having a great spot, and plenty of time to play Spoons; something I should really only do in vast, open spaces like the mural amphitheater lawn at the Seattle Center, because I really can't control my screaming in that game. Seriously, it's out of control.

But some quick reflections on watching The Goonies in 2008:
I know I've watched it in the last eight years, but it felt farther away while watching it again last night. First of all, I forget how many well timed uses of "Oh Shit" take place. That's right. Back in the 80's, family movies involved tons of cussing, and heck, Rowlf the Dog talked about how much he loved to smoke. It was a more innocent time...

Also, what used to be one of the funniest scenes now has a huge cringe factor to it. Corey Feldman guides a non-English speaking house keeper around the house "translating" for the mother of the house but inserting info abut drug paraphernalia and torture devices, while the mother goes on explaining about linen closets and Rosalita gets more and more terrified. This used to be one of the funniest bits. Now i just sat there wondering about the ethics of the 1985 humor factor of a mother hiring a woman who didn't speak English, how she nicknamed her "Rosie" right away, and the fact that we're all laughing as she gets teased. That scene just feels awkward now, no matter how brilliant Corey Feldman is.

I also wonder how Steven Spielberg and Chris Columbus ever came up with the idea of a Frankenstein-like man horribly disfigured from child abuse, chained to a wall who loves pirate movies and chocolate. Would've liked to be at that brainstorming table.

But for all it's cheesy dialogue ("Hey! I'm no Liberace!" she screams as they're about to fall to their death) and problematic content of a 23 year old film, you can't help but love The Goonies with their screaming, their earnest monologuing about "our time, not their time", their obsession with finding "the rich stuff," their awkward make-out scenes and their awesome soundtrack. It's a classic and always will be. I'd freeze to death for them again anytime.
**Space Needle shot from Jeremy Dew

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