Thursday, December 11, 2008

I Think Paper Titles are My True Medium

All my official school work of 2008 is done. I was trying to remember how many gigantic papers I'd written this year and had to look them up in order to remember. Here's the taster's choice version. I think my titles are longer than most people's thesis paragraphs.

The Princess and the Judge:
Rediscovering the Characters in the Book of Ruth Through Traditional Jewish Interpretation


The Heavens Declare:
Looking Closer at Creation
to Gain a Bigger Picture of the Creator

A movement towards theological and scientific inquiry
of our created context… for the glory of God


Impressions of an Either/Or Church Upbringing
(Church of Origin)


“Queen Bitch” Theology:
What Movie Soundtracks Offer That
The Church Does Not

(Church of Future)


The Woman Buried Under the Words:
The Story of the First Female Apostle and How She Was Erased From Scripture

‘Formed For Labour, Not For Love’:
19th and 20th Century Women Authors
Critique the Evangelical Dualism of
Punishing the Body to Save The Soul

Remembering Together, Not Reading Alone:
The Oral and Aural Gospel of Mark


I don't know which I enjoy more, coming up with titles, or making lists of them. I have no social life, by the way.


Holly G said...

i praise your titles. now i want to read them all.

Spiro said...

kj, i beg to disagree. however, maybe a good dancing sesh might help. :)