Thursday, July 23, 2009

Marked For Life

Today, Jamelyn and I joined Jenn, "j.fresh", as she completed a 21st century rite of passage: getting the tattoo. She's been wanting this tattoo for 7 and a half years. I've been wanting a tattoo for at least four years, though technically, probably since I turned double digits. Note to self: best way to decide to go ahead and get a tattoo? Join someone and see for yourself how gosh darn easy it is.
Here she is in the last twenty minutes of her life with unmarked wrists.
j.fresh gawking in the first minutes of being inked. Or else she's gawking at the fact that actor Seth Rogen apparently does tattoo art on the side. Seriously, this is Seth Rogan, but he told us to call him Jason.

A bit of un-thrilling but historically signifiant footage here.
Freshly inked (and vaselined). Jenn didn't realize until Jason pointed it out, that the dove design she chose is based on one of Picasso's doves.Post-tattoo Chipotle time. Jenn's bandage made her look a little recently-suicidal, but she couldn't have been more pleased with the result.

And within six hours of this adventure, I decided exactly what tattoo I want and where I want it. But I'm gonna wait till my birthday, so I've got a couple months to let it simmer and settle (and find a Font artist). Yep- that's all I'm gonna tell ya.

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