Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Very Consistent Haiku

Odd that heartache should
throb not in my heart but in
the veins of my arms


Maryann said...

1) I love your haikus.

2) Did you like Starter for Ten?

Kj said...

thanks mi amiga

Starter for Ten was ok. i thought it would be different. Seemed like a movie that must have been a popular book already- so people just wanted to see the characters onscreen. wasn't much in the way of character development- and, i'll admit it- i pretty much resent/detest movies about a guy who goes for the oblivious/self-centered hot girl and only eventually figures out that the smart interesting girl who's his best friend, is actually the one for him. We all know this is not the way it works.

Spiro said...

not yet, at least.