Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Life on the InterWeb

The only thing better than finding out that people actually read your blog (this still boggles my mind), is finding posts about yourself on other people's blogs. For anyone like me who is desperate to understand who the heck they are, it's always nice to see oneself refected through others' perception. In the case of this blog post from a friend who likes to be mysterious in his blogging sphere, I found my portrayal quite flattering and accurate regarding my love for soda and sugar. So, though I'm still buried under two ten page papers, a five page final exam essay, and a who-knows-how-long Hebrew grammer paper, I thought I'd share one of the many delights of weird interweb land. And people, keep the Kj observations coming. They're like bread and butter to me (or bread and brie I guess).


Kimberly said...

Can slurpees tempt you in the fall, though, KJ?

Kj said...

Slurpees can tempt me in the fall
Slurpees can tempt me at the mall.
Slurpees can tempt me in a car.
Slurpees can tempt me from a bar.
Slurpees can tempt me up the stairs,
Slurpees can tempt me anywheres.

Jeremy said...

Derrick loves to delight your interweb experience