Sunday, August 26, 2007

Summer Break Woo Hoo!

By some freak twist of fate, I and some other of my fellow students at Mars Hill Graduate School have been scheduled with no break whatsoever between our (full length) summer term and fall term. I spent the last three weeks writing four papers, the last of which I emailed off at 2pm on Friday, and I start a 9-6 five day intensive class this Monday. So this present almost-over weekend is all I've got for a break, and it isn't even technically a break, because I'm supposed to be done with the reading for the Monday class and I'm not yet halfway through.

But just the same, I'm already almost nostalgic for the insane last month I've had, and I just ran across this picture I took while in the midst of it all. So, a portrait of procrastination, here's me playing peek-a-boo with my computer in the study carrel at school while trying to be motivatd to start writing a ten page Biblical exegesis paper, having just finished 16 or so pages on philosophy from Plato to Kant.


Garth said...

This photo will be the album cover for your upcoming folk/pop debut.

Anonymous said...

that's a really cute picture of you :)

kikodelo said...

oh goodness, are so your hair short now??

Kj said...

Indeed Kikosan,
i've had a few chops since last fall. last time was a little too chopped, but it's growing out nicely.