Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Second Profle in Yarn

The "Postmodern Patriot" scarf for:

Name: Nathan Hollifield

Job: Graduate Student

Age: 26

What i want to be when i grow up: A reconciler

Best thing that happened to me last week was: The sun was out EVERY DAY in Seattle

Why i let someone knit me a scarf with hardly any say in how it would look: Kj is a trend setter. I'm just hoppin' on the bandwagon early.

Kj's inspiration: Nathan was the first to notice that my Facebook status said "Kj is ready to knit something for you" and thus, was the next in line after my first Mars Hill Man Scarf (to be posted soon). Nathan's winter wear is a black carhart jacket, (though you can tell by the pictures that scarf weather in Seattle is pretty much over) and my first thought was orange, because that's just how I am these days. Nathan's eyes widened and he said "I Hate Orange" so instead, I noticed the red and blue cowboy plaid shirt he was wearing, and the thinking went from there. I would never consciously think red, blue, and grey, but it kind of emerged. I wanted to do a tilting stripe, but it proved too problematic at this point (though Kim has some ideas for the future). So instead, it's a pretty simple scarf, with some diminishing blue stripes. Es todo.

Also, I found out after the scarf was in progress, that Nathan is somewhat of a postmodern patriot himself (he can feel free to comment) so in the end, it all worked out.


lacie said...

is it weird that i want a "mars hill man scarf" for myself? i love them!

Anonymous said...

I, too, would like a man scarf

benjamin said...

never in my life have i owned nor worn a scarf. but this little trend is sinking deep in my blood. perhaps i too will one day were a kj brand scarf.

oh the possibilities....

Keepitmoving said...

Kj, you are living my dream of clothing handsome, bearded lads in knitwear!