Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Best Conversation of the Week

(In the fourth floor cubicles at Mars Hill Graduate School)

Me: Yeah, I'm really excited about moving down into the basement and setting up a whole studio living room/bedroom thing.
Cathy: You don't need a TV do you?
Me: Uh yeah I totally do. I was gonna buy one.
Cathy: I have a TV literally sitting in my hall waiting to be taken away by someone. I've been begging peolpe to take it off my hands.
Me: That's amazing. I don't have a car to pick it up though.
Cathy: I can drop it off. This Sunday okay?
Me: Yeah, noon?
Cathy: Perfect, see you then.

And voila! I have a TV now.
I love Cathy Loerzel.


Spiro said...

austin has one he's trying to give away too. goodwill wouldn't take it!

Keepitmoving said...

You're moving to the basement??

Jeremy said...

who doesn't love that lady??? she's awesome.