Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fast Food with Reusable Container

When you work weird schedules (2.5 jobs and a full time student), mealtime often gets a back seat to "where can i sit and do homework for fifteen minutes before i go to job number 2?"

But I got a surprising new option the other day. With 45 minutes before I needed to be at Intiman, I didn't feel like marching over to Taco Del Mar for fish taco trip number 4 of the week, and though I'm pretty tired of the gourmet sandwiches at the bourgeois bohemian grocery store Metropolitan Market, I thought I'd stop in and see if anything inspired me.

And there it was: a personal size shepherd's pie served in a ramekin you get to keep. $6, pop it in the Green Room microwave, and boom- a delicious hearty treat. yummy yum.


Anonymous said...

Wow, yum!! That does sound really good!! And you get to start a ramekin collection. ;)

Ian K. said...

The thought of a ramekin collection is really hilarious. That sounds so delicious. Speaking of cooking things in the microwave, I just found out today that you can create scrambled eggs in such a device. Am I the last person to know this?