Thursday, September 25, 2008

Things That Make Me Smile

On June 5, my housemate Johny and I borrowed our other housemate's car to drop off the rent check at the landlord's (we have till the 5th of the month at midnight). We used the car time as an opportunity to pick up some house supplies, ie: toilet paper. Now, we all know there are two kinds of people in the world: those who like teeny tiny rolls of super fluffy toilet paper, and those who prefer endless, budget-friendly rolls of simple 2-ply. Johny and I are both big fans of the latter, Scott Brand to be specific. Well, since we had the car, we thought, why just buy 1 pack of 12 rolls when we could buy two packs? So we purchased 24 rolls of Scott basic 2-ply and decided to track how long it lasted (and thus prove our point that even when using copious amounts of 2-ply, it lasts so much longer than stupid quilted brands.

Well, as of yesterday's roll replacement, we found ourselves about a week shy of going 4 months without having to purchase toilet paper. For anyone living in NYC or any car-less apartment dweller anywhere, you know what amazing news this is. We're thinking of throwing a party for the fact that as long as we buy 24 rolls at a time, we will only be purchasing toilet paper 3 times a year. That is truly reason to celebrate.


katrina said...

this is also a great pleasure of mine! not having to think about buying TP for a few months?...WHAT A LOAD OFF!

Ian K. said...

I love having friends with Costco memberships for this very reason.

I think they even have 36 packs!

Keepitmoving said...

I wish I could fit 24 rolls in my grocery trips! It always seems that I need pt, tp, cat food and cat litter all at the same time! That walk is heavy and oddly shaped!

hollagrigga said...

yes, yes, but for the record is scotts not one-ply and northern two-ply? the doodoo is in the details.