Friday, October 17, 2008

Another Friend Who Puts Up With My Nicknames For Him...

The "Existentialist's Essentials" Scarf for:

Name: Chase Williams

Occupation: Barista, Theatre Concessions

Locale: Seattle

My Favorite City is: Seattle

I Wish I Spent More Time: not regretting the things I haven't done.

Best After Dinner Treat: No food after dinner is a greater treat than a great dinner . . . but hot apple pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream comes pretty close.

Frisbees are Great Because: : ) they allow me to fly with them. to leave the ground and soar as they bend and turn and coast through the air, as my imagination becomes their reality.

Why Don't More People: get it?

You Know I'm Happy When: I can't stop myself from smiling.

Something I'd Like to Say is: ? . . . hard to tell

Kj and I: don't like people who need us to pretend that we're their friends while we sell them candy or coffee.

The Making of: This scarf has a complicated history- as complicated as the man himself. Back in March or so, Chase let me knit him a scarf. I was sort of stumped as to what colors to work with and what would best suit him while also expressing something about him. Chase is a complex, deep-thinking, ruminating sort who tends to have A LOT going on under the surface that will blow your mind once he gets talking. This guy can make poetry out of tossing frisbees (see above) and crack you up with his uncanny comic timing- like a frying pan suddenly hitting you over the head. Chase is always asking tough questions of himself and bristles under requirements to be anything that he is not (aka shallow). As such, I wanted his scarf to reflect that, and admittedly (to him and to myself) I kind of jumped overboard first time round. I tried, with a 5 color spectrum, to capture some of the Chase dynamic. But when it came to actually wearing it, Chase felt there was just too much going on.

(the rejected "Enigma" scarf)

So this time round, I met Chase at the yarn store and let him pick out the yarns (still a collaborative process) and what we ended up with were some nice wood, rust and steel colors. Once I knit it up, I realized that this made more sense. Don't give more complexity to a contemplative, give him the basics. So here's the Existentialist's Essentials, for my favorite Chasey-Pooh! I hope this one works out for you.

Also, the return of the "reject" scarf solved my own problem of being totally stumped as to what kind of scarf to knit for myself. Turns out its easier to just wear something you made for someone else than to figure what you'd like. Me and reject scarf are feeling pretty happy about each other so far.

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