Friday, October 10, 2008

The "Prince Charming" Scarf For:

Name: Richard Morrison

Occupation: Transitioning from Stage Manager to Musician

Locale: About to move from NYC to San Diego

Childhood Dream Job: Gemologist

My Favorite Lunch: Anything on a patio

I Always Say Yes to: Lunch

Something I'd Like to do by the End of this Year: Find a place to live in San Diego

When it Comes to Singing in the Car, I Need: To focus more on the driving

The Oscar Should Have Gone to: "Babe"

Here's Something I'd Like to Say: Vote NO on California Prop 8

Kj and I: Never seem to tire of each other

The Making of: Richard's scarf was the last I knit before my summer hiatus and also my first long distance scarfing. But though we were states apart, I wasn't lacking in info or inspiration for Richard, since we've been acting like childish adults together since we were 11. However, the key to this one was a comment my NYC roommate Kiko made about Richard (he magicly moved to NYC while I was there too) when she said he reminded her of Snow White's Prince. We all concurred. Hence my yarn reinterpretation of Disney's primary-coloured Prince for one of my most dashing (and simulatneously absurd) friends. As a San Diegan, its hard to know when Richard will ever get to where this, but I loved the chance to make it for him. What better way to show your love for someone who's let you call them Spmulragus (Sugar Lumps spelled backwards) for the last eighteen years?


Anonymous said...

Wow, so fun to see Richard!! (it's been 10 years!)

Also, I think you can subscribe now, you stalker you!


Keepitmoving said...

I thought this was a mutual naming because we realized that Kiko & Richard together were like Snow White and Prince Charming. But I believe you. I just always want to take credit for naming princes, since it's my favorite. I know have a Prince Phillip in the mix, from Sleeping Beauty, that you'll have to meet someday!