Sunday, October 19, 2008

More Music to Fall By

Most recent ITunes purchases: keeping me warm, cozy and studious:

Erik Friedlander's
Block Ice & Propane

An album of original cello compositions inspired by the great American Family tradition: driving cross country in a station wagon. Friedlander's sometime folk, sometimes avant garde pieces make amazing use of pizzicato that often sounds more like acoustic guitar travis picking than cello. Making great use of silence and quiet repetition, Block Ice & Propane can't help but make you feel you're in a scored documentary about the loneliness and also camaraderie that come with the open road.

Dog Daze
May I Kiss Your Hand

A good source of hammer dulcimer, fiddle, Hungarian folk tunes and some crazy Romanian vocals. I love these guys and can't help feeling happy every time a song comes up in my Playlist rotation. The lead vocalist often sounds like a mischievous child, or is he a mischievous old crazy man? I can't tell, but I fully enjoy him, his band and their wild gypsy music!

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