Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Inter-Web Keeps Getting Weirder

I've been a decent fan of the IGoogle page, mostly because the Google Reader feature saves me time from scrolling around to see if friends have blogged lately or not- instead I get instant updates. I also enjoy the "Moon Phase" feature which lets me know when the Moon is waning gibbous, waxing, or what have you. Helps me know ahead of time that I'll be getting no sleep on those Full and New Moon nights.

But I've also enjoyed the optional display feature for the banner. I had the night/day theme which supposedly changed to reflect the time of day but really just cycled through morning and evening about every three times you went to your home page. Recently, I'd been keeping it cosmic with the solar system banner, which, though nice, really only had like seven images and thus, grew tiresome.

Well, the other day I noticed a link with a painter's pallet icon leading to "New Artists Themes" and immediately imagined my Edward Hopper or Gustav Klimt IGoogle motifs. Instead, here's the first nine "artist" options that were listed:

Beastie Boys
Jackie Chan
Oscar de la Renta
Lance Armstrong
Diane von Furstenberg
Marc Ecko
Anne Geddes

Did I miss something? I mean, I did flirt with the idea of a Diane von Furstenberg banner, to bring back Meatpacking District memories of NYC, but really? Jackie Chan? Lance Armstrong? Where was Vermeer? Andrew Wyeth? Dang, at least toss a Degas my way.

Well, of all things, three quarters of the way down, it listed "Mark Morris." Are you kidding me? Yes. You cannot have an Da Vinci themed IGoogle page, but you can have New York choreographer-themed banners?

So, yeah, now sometimes Mark Morris' deep set eyes and worried chin appear on my IGoogle banner along with images of recently performed pieces. I sometimes squint and look for Seth.

Thank you Inter-Web. You're just so consistently random.


ROBERTA said...

you know, i saw those also and wondered how that list was compiled. i liked the seasonal banners, loved the autumn one and the winter scene was great but they never offered a spring banner? what's up with that? so i chose chihully - since i live in the NW - unfortunately, it would not i'm back to the beach scene which as you mentioned turns from day to night on an hourly rotation!

Kj said...

glad to know I'm not the only one who spends way to much time thinking about this!