Saturday, May 31, 2008

Just in Time for June, More Scarves!

The "Should We Go Get Ice Cream or a Beer?" Scarf for:

Name: Jenn aka j.fresh

Location: Seattle, WA (North Beacon Hill)

Job: I don’t want one! But, I might start working with a man who has Asperger’s.

Age: 24

What I want to be when I grow up: I hope I never grow up…

Best thing that happened to me last week: Camping on the Olympic Peninsula

On my bookshelf most recently: Pictures & seashells

On my Ipod a lot lately: Priscilla Ahn, Ryan Adams, Kathleen Edwards, David Gray, Patty Griffin, Sera Cahoone

Just watched this: Two Days in Paris, Prince Caspian, Lars & The Real Girl, Iron Man, Savages, Grey’s Anatomy Season Finale

Why I let someone knit me a scarf with hardly any say in how it would look: I didn’t. I got the most wonderful privilege of being the first to co-create my scarf with Kj.

That's right. For whatever reason, Jenn made it all the way into the yarn store with me. Our initial vision was a general brown and pink kinda thing ( she often seems to be wearing one or both of those colors- notice the photos), but once we started pulling yarn off the shelves, we were both drawn to turquoise blues and things just went from there. Though this scarf may look quite similar to some that have gone before, this scarf actually features the lightest blue yarn yet to be used in the scarf collection and the ligthest neutral tone: a sort of yellowy, peachy, ochre colored yarn. So don't be deceived, this baby's all new.

As far as the scarf name goes, usually I intuitively sense the scarf's name as I plan it for the person (and the names are often pretty reflective of the person, as are, I hope, the scarves) but this time, much like the process of choosing the yarn with Jenn, I had to wait and think about it as I went along. When I looked at the finished scarf with it's cookie dough type browns and the almost minty teal, I couldn't help but think about Coldstone Creamery (and I'd just been there with Jenn a few days before) and since most of my other socializing with Jenn has involved beer, the title finally fell into place. So what ultimately was my inspiration? Well, I think the very fact of its co-createdness, the team decision making, trial and error color choosing, says a lot about Jenn and how she approaches life and relationships. It was an honor to get to be creative on her behalf and with her. And I hope she'll take me back to Coldstone real soon.


Kj said...

sorry the formatting is so funky- not sure why...

ROBERTA said...

well i must say i have enjoyed reading about ALL of your scarves and the stories of those who have been honored to wear them.

have you considered creating one similar to the now famous Dunkin' Donuts/Rachel Ray scarf? :)

Kj said...

interesting. i didn't know there was such a thing...