Thursday, January 15, 2009

The "Home, Sweet Seattle" Scarf For...

Name: Rebecca Jean Pesicka Swanson

Location: Edmonds, WA

Occupation: RN in the perinatal arena (ie: antepartum, labor & delivery & postpartum)

Best Music to Cook By: My husband does most of the cooking in our house (but I enjoy baking bread to the likes of Iron & Wine)

In Heaven There Will Be: no dogs

I Wish I Had More Time To: Excel in the domestic arts

One Thing My Daughter Has Learned From Me Thus Far: The proper name for our gentle parts

One Thing I Have Learned From My Daughter Thus Far: Most things can be fixed with a hug and kind words

Top Two Names I Will Not Name My Unborn Child: Jennifer & Deb

If I Could Live in a Movie, it Would Be: A Room With a View or Anne of Green Gables

Jazz Hands Come in Handy When: Remembering my childhood

Something I'd Like to Say: I am so glad Obama won and I love Kj

Kj and I: Are Seeesters

Making the Scarf:
I was stoked to knit for my SEEEESTER in law Rebecca. I knew pretty quickly that I wanted to make a Pacific Northwest feeling scarf for her, since her recent return from living in LA has confirmed how much this branch of the Swansons loves and belongs to Seattle. I also wanted to use colors to complement her dark red hair and green (?) eyes. At least in my memory they are green, but maybe that was just that time in high school when she wore tinted contacts. (Did that even happen?) Anyhoo, I turned to colors of misty mountains, rocks and water, with still a punch of bright prettiness to match Rebecca's own bright prettiness. And what else can I say about Rebecca other than she is brilliant, good at everything, and that together, we both laugh at all the same things and have a penchant for doing pas de bourees in the kitchen. I love you Rabonko!


Spiro said...

man, you're reeling these things out. did you just make a ton over the break, and now just giving them?

Rebecca said...

Thank you seester!