Friday, January 9, 2009

The "Sunshine on My Shoulders" Scarf for...

Name: Stacy Dyann Pietsch (maiden name: Kanzler)

Location: Lower Queen Anne Seattle, Wa

Occupation: Nanny to rich kids/Counseling to poor kids...pretty much the same thing

The Best Job I Ever Had: Is still in the works. But the most appalling job I ever had included ironing a grown man's briefs...I quit soon after.

Tea Time Means: A year of Wednesday nights filled with off color humor, solving the world's problems, and deep love for each other.

The Key to Hospitality is: A well used air mattress, a toilet that always runs, and a window that people use as a door

You Can Recognize My Husband By: The way you will never be the same after loving him.

While I'm Driving, I Listen To: Usually hip hop/rap until I hear "ho" one too many times and then I switch to NPR

Washington vs. Illinois: The current Illinois governor scandal has nothing on the 2004 governor election in Washington

If I Were a Flower, I Would Be: A Dalia

Something I'd Like To Say: I am ready for springtime

Kj and I: are the greatest "we never hang out but when we do sweet love and inspiration fill the room" friends

Making the Scarf:
For Stacy, who has the awesomest last name (pronounced "Peach") I had a none-too-subconscious thought to make a Peach-inspired scarf. I'd also been in the mood to put some white in a scarf, and Stacey's shining self confidence and welcoming, loving spirit seemed like a good match. I loved the combo of the mauvish pink and the honey yellow. Together, the colors felt chewy and richly sweet to me, like a piece of fruit you'd pick off a tree in Willy Wonka's floor room. Basically, rather than finding a peach tone yarn, I used colors that, if combined on a palette, would turn out peachy. I like the effect.

I have at times described Stacey as the eschatological realization of a cheerleader, so the scarf carries some of that energy as well: something meant to lift the spirits of one who always lifts mine. Stacey is an elegant combo of soulfull and joyfull, and when she asked for a scarf to help brighten gray winter days before spring, I did my best to give her some sunshine. (And yes, there is still some gray in there. It is still Seattle, after all).
I Heart Super Stace!
Photos kindly offered by Kim Roth Howe

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