Sunday, January 11, 2009

The "Lectio/Latte/Electronica" Scarf for...

Name: Paul Wilson Belk

Location: Seattle, WA

Occupation: Retail Manager / Pastor

Book I'm Most Into Right Now: The Sparrow/Children of God by Mary Doria Russell

The Key To Building Fences is: Letting your engineering-degreed housemate do most of the work

I'll Be Patient As Long As: it takes

My Favorite Sunday Morning Activity Is: Getting up early on a cold day with my wife, reading a good book with hot cup of coffee together while cozying down under a blanket (or a fancy new scarf!)

One Thing A Pastor Needs to Be is: paid

My Wife Laughs At Me Most When: I am a little spazzy, which is most of the time

I Laugh With My Wife Most When: She's a little spazzy, which is most of the time (but you didn't hear that from me...)

The Celebrity I Wish Would Run Out of Gas In Front of My House: Henri Nouwen, but only if he was still alive, otherwise, it'd be a little too creepy.

Something I'd Like to Say: (silence is golden, he thinks)

Kj and I: I want to be Kj when I grow up

Making the Scarf:
I was so excited when Paul asked if I'd knit him up a KjPeopleProfileScarf. Paul is one of those super-radiantly cool people who is made all the more cool by their authenticity and humility rather than by flaunting their awesomeness. As such, I decided to make a scarf that would broadcast Paul's cool factor in louder tones than he uses himself.

My early memories of seeing Paul around campus have him with purple hair, though it's likely that my memory is a bit off, but nonetheless, I knew right away that I wanted to use colors that evoked "Purple Hair" to me. (Which apparently means black). Also, when I think of Paul, I think of the many parts of his life, be it wearing a barista apron, sewing hipster T-shirts or praying over Eucharist, and I wanted to reflect those dynamics in the scarf. Hence, this scarf feels a little more Indy-Punk and Neon sign than I've done previously, but still maintains a cheery bright blue "I'm Approachable" feel. It's a scarf inspired by Paul's quiet nature and electric spirit. I wouldn't mind being him when I grow up either.


Blaine said...

Oh man...I want one so bad! It is so cold in Chicago!!!

Ian said...

I love this color combination of kind of earthy tones with the brightness of the blue! Quite original.