Saturday, January 10, 2009

Term 8 of 12

My Classes Starting Next Week at MHGS

RLM 505 - Homiletics:
Crafting Transformational Moments

RLM 504 - Life Together 2: (MDiv Internship)
Relational Ethics for Church & Leadership

RLM 520 - Developing Inter-Cultural Competency:
Being The Word on the Street

RLM 531 - MDiv Practicum 4: Embodying Christ -
Pastoral Ethics & Relational Leadership

SFD 521 - The Artist’s Way:
Pneumatology, Art and Culture

TCE 502 - Mission in a Global Context

Yes, we really love class titles at Mars Hill. I like how in the attempt to include every element of what the class will be about, you are actually left with no idea what the class is actually about. I've been known to do the same with papers.

And this term will be strange,
A) because I'm taking way too much, and
B) because for the first time really since first term, I don't have a single counseling or Biblical studies class. It's all theology, culture, and praxis. Which makes sense as I move closer to application from investigation, ie, closer to not being in school anymore.

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Jarrod said...

I just got jealous.