Sunday, May 17, 2009

Blogging & Spirituality

Mars Hill Graduate School has started a new site for prospective students- a space to read student work, listen to professors, see MHGS Gallery art, and other such things. One of the features is an ongoing series on Blogging & Spirituality.

A couple of us bloggerfolk were asked to write posts about anything this theme struck up for us. The piece I wrote just went up. More and more, these odd invitations to write have felt so galvinizing- to be provided a bit of structure and an inspritaional starting point, then told to "just write what you write" is such an immense gift. To be offered a contained space to ponder and creatively connect things- oh how sweet and humbling, life-giving.

This last invitation for the Experience MHGS site has tipped me over the edge for an idea I've been ruminating over: wanting to do a series here on this blog with invited guest writers on particular theme. I won't go into detail yet, but hope to be able to unveil something soon.

And thanks, Josue for letting me get all jumbly in the brain for the sake of MHGS and its future populace.

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Jen Hinst-White said...

I liked your "blinking cursor" post and thoughts about blogging as a kind of tool for mindfulness. Oddly enough my journal does function that way! I write the same kind of mini-essays, but no one ever reads them. Sometimes I imagine my children & grandchildren might read them, 60 or 70 years from now when I'm dead. I don't know why I don't blog. Love of paper, maybe. Or liking the hidden sanctuary of a journal.

I like reading blogs, though, especially yours. And I look forward to reading your guest writer series!