Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The São Paulo Scarf for...

Name: JB aka Mr. Roommate

Location: the jewel of the Emerald City, Crown Hill

Occupation: student of the christian studies, environment-friendly house cleaner, housemate to the best home in all of the Emerald City, and boyfriend to an amazing woman

Favorite kind of cupcake: Trophy Cupcakes Hummingbird, which is a Banana Pineapple Coconut cake with cream cheese frosting... it is a circus in my mouth!!!

When shopping at REI, be sure to: go in there when you are broke, otherwise you will leave that place with lots of great things

The key to successful backyard barbecuing is: great company, plain and simple!

When it comes to Apple computers, I: treat them better than a new born baby, sorry new born babies.

My lady sure knows how to: do it all! she can cook amazing food, she hike like the best of them, she can make me laugh until i snort/almost choke on my own snot, she pushes me to be a better man, and the list goes on and on and on and on....

A basic Green practice I wish everyone would start doing is: composting... it helps reduce the amount of waste in landfills... plus, it is a great way to replenish the earth with all the natural nutrients.

Otter Pops vs Ikea Raspberry Cookies: i love Otter Pops... i spent almost an entire year solely eating Otter Pops, dozens at a time. the Ikea Raspberry Cookies are amazing. i still have at least 15 packs of them in dresser drawer. and every time someone i know goes to Ikea, they return with a few sleeves of those precious Ikea Raspberry Cookies. i think if there could be a way to make an Otter Pop flavor of the Ikea Raspberry Cookie, then i would be set.

Something I'd Like to Say: thank you for letting me ramble...

Kj and I: where to begin? it is an amazing honor and privilege to know Kj and an even bigger honor and privilege to live under the same roof. she has taught me many great things, such as how to really watch a movie, how to see things in a contextualised manner, and showing me the beauty in things that i would overlook. i love when the house is quiet and i can hear her laugh at a show or movie she is watching, her laughter is soooo contagious and it lifts my mood all the time.

i have been enriched by Kj... i am certain that i will never know how deeply she has made an impact on my life. i look forward to the growth of our friendship.

Making the Scarf: Well what can I say after that? It was a joy to create this scarf for the above gentleman. At first he'd suggested having me make a scarf in the colors of the Brazilian flag, but when I explained that being scarfed means submitting to my interpretation of you- he said go for it, do whatever you want. Thus, Brazil stayed in my mind as I started. I wanted to capture JB's playful spirit but also his debonair chic that peaks out from time time. The colors largely came from the feel of a Brazilian restaurant he took us all too last year. I think this is the hottest scarf I've made yet- inspired by a place that would rarely require the wearing of a scarf and by someone who looks hot wearing one :). It's been a delight to watch JB build a life here in Seattle, to see the way he gives his time to the people in his life who matter and pursues his passions and beliefs against all odds. (And the odds have been frequent, forceful and odd). JB's a fighter, and as you can read, or Kaitlin can attest- a great lover of people. He's one you want on your side. I'm lucky to have him upstairs. Love to you Yannni!!

PS: JB did all the fun photo stuff on these shots. And I still can't believe this is our backyard.

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Ian said...

One of my favorite scarves you've made so far, Kj! And I love that you could wear it during any season.