Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Well, here's the text.

Our Mars Hill Graduate School motto, at least a third of it anyway, ate up four black printer cartridges this term, causing me to actually resort to taking screen capture images of articles so they'd print as color ( I have an endless supply of color cartridges- but not black) . I also, definately, turned in a dark blue assignment on the last day of 'Mission in a Global Context' since that's the class that ate the most of my black ink.
And these are just the articles I'm recycling for future printing. This doesn't include the articles i saved.

9 terms down. 4 more to go.

I start classes again tomorrow.

I just watched 98% of the people I started with, graduate on Saturday. The Fellowship has not failed, but we are going our separate ways. Now, but a few of us sit here, with our pints in hand, looking silently at one another knowing what we have been through, and that only we are left to remember it.

We are the remnant- and will stand together next year- but this time we'll get to board the ships at the Grey Havens, instead of watching our Frodos all head out to sea like they did on Saturday.

It's been a rich, beautifull, complicated three years. We've got one last year together.

The ending is already starting in my soul. And in my text. And in my culture.

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Kj said...

Abigail, this means you too.