Monday, April 16, 2007

At Last, My Pub Has Come Along

I woke up this morning after what was a good 8+ hours of sleep, and felt like I’d been pushing freight trains all night- or that I’d been run over by one. “Why so beat?” I wondered. And then I remembered- last week was one of the hardest, most full, challenging, encouraging, emotional, hopeful, disappointing, eye-opening, heart-stirring, enjoyable, sorrowful, happy, companioned, lonely weeks ever. It would be ridiculous not to feel that in my muscles, much less my brain and my heart. Hangover? More like hanging over a cliff- and sometimes it seems like I’m supposed to take a running leap over that edge and sometimes it feels like I need a thousand arms holding me from falling off it. But a cliff, no less, is right in front of me. Issues of surrender/submission and risk/endangerment surround this cliff jumping question, and the best I can do is wait up here till I feel the freedom to jump off or to run off in search of flat land. One of these options is good for me. Probably both. But as I sit in my exhaustion and dizziness, remembering how many places I’ve been taken to this past week, in my heart, in my head, in my past, in potential futures, what comes to mind is, what a vast amount of time I spent in bars this week. So I’m making a list.

Monday 9: 3-5 Edgewater Hotel, Happy Hour:
$4 Burger
Monday 9: 9-12:30 Park Pub:
4 glasses of water
Tuesday 10: 8:30-12:30 Park Pub:
$5 pizza and 3 Cokes
Wednesday 11: 4-5 Edgewater Hotel, Happy Hour:
$6 Sake/Vodka/cucumber/lime cocktail
Thursday 12: 11:30-12:30 Jabu’s:
4 glasses of water
Friday 13: 10-12 Greenlake Bar & Grill, Happy Hour:
$3.50 margarita, $2 ceasar salad, $2 mozzarella sticks
Saturday 14: 4-5:30 Belltown Bistro, Happy Hour:
$2 Corona, $4 garlic mashed potatoes
Saturday 14: 9-10:30 McMenamin’s:
$7 Burger, 3 Dr Peppers
Sunday 15: all day
Reflecting on what happened in/around/before/after/during/because of and in spite of this list.

With grateful acknowledgment to fellow pub-crawlers Sarah, Karen, Elizabeth, Erin, Justin, Jamie, Meredith, Smruti, Rachel, Brent, John, Cathy, Ben H, Kim, Mary, Ian, Ben O, Alisa and Cabe (who crawled to all but one of these).


jessi knippel said...

i want to go drinking with you!!!! fun to read about your happy hour exploits.

Kj said...

anytime lady. Can't promise I'll actually drink anything, but I do love to Happy Hour.

Sarah said...

Kj, I love pub nights with you! Thank you for catching up last night, and I feel honored to be your fellow pub crawler as you drank your first Guinness!!

Cabe said...

I get it. Etta James reference. I was waiting for you to reveal which one your pub was.

Hope your IKjAW was a good one.

Keepitmoving said...

Wait!!! I missed your first Guinness!? What's next, Whiskey?

Garth said...

Man, Kj. All these poetic abstractions- I want to know what's actually going on in your life. It sounds like it must be terribly exciting. Let's talk this weekend.

Your Brudder,


Spiro said...

one of m roomates works at greenlake bar and grill... (as you know) and, another roomate (who is just moving in) will be working at the edgewater.

there you go.

meredithcb said...

i enjoy this. and i enjoy you.

we definitely need to pub-crawl together more often.

Kj said...

i wub to pub