Friday, April 13, 2007

Wednesday Night Haiku: Belated

I'll be consistent
and do my haiku tonight,
but not to shift gears.

I've thought about this
a lot, and it pours into
more than just this blog.

What does it mean to
say what you feel, when you're used
to being silenced?

The greatest gift is
your invitation that says
"I want to hear you."

You get used to not
hoping for things when your hope
has always been mocked.

Sometimes freedom is
weeping over who you've not
been allowed to be.


Smruti said...


i love your last lines--weeping over who you've not been allowed to be. thanks for the reminder that it's okay to be sad about that


Keepitmoving said...

I made mac and cheese
this afternoon which
made me miss you much