Sunday, April 1, 2007

The Tribe of Levy

This Man

How do I love Eugene Levy-
Let me count the ways.

One, those bushy eyebrows.
Two, the fact that he's in probably 9 out of the 10 classic comedies of the past quarter century.
Three, his ridiculous, nasal, fake singing voice in Waiting for Guffman.
Four, his real, heartwarming, smooth, golden, sweethearted, actual singing voice in A Mighty Wind.
Five, a whole bunch of other stuff, like that his name is Eugene. How many people do you know named Eugene? Not many, I guarentee.

So, this song clip from the deleted scenes of A Mighty Wind, is one of my favorite songs. Period. It's a genius example of everything I love about parody and satire, in that it parodies something so well, that it actually just becomes a great example of the real thing, in this case, a 60's folk love ballad. I love its ridiculous list of things that happen "When You're Next to Me" which includes such delightful occurences as doves landing at your feet, and beggars dying (is this a good thing?). I had a favorite line which I realized a year ago, wasn't right. I thought they said "I see Hadrian's Wall, from the highest hill". I loved that in this stupendously adorable love song, they worked in the Roman conquest of the Celts. Now that's good satire song writing! But actually, they just say "I see hatred fall..." which I guess is okay.

Anyway, here's a poorly captured YouTube clip of it. When the song comes on my Ipod, I smile so so big. Can Eugene Levy please sing me to sleep every night with his bushy eyebrows and fake, gray hippy wig?


Spiro said...

god bless you child. love it love it love it.

Patrick Love said...


Hi, I just found your blog.
Here's a haiku to explain:

I love your blog too
There is so much more to you
Than I knew before

Kj said...


Garth said...

I thought it was Hadian's wall, too until I read this post and watched the youtube clip. Maybe the stuido version is different, cause it sure sounds like "Hadrian's Wall."

I missed you at my seder this year.

Kj said...

Punk Rock Seder!!!!!!!!!!!! sad i am............... no Manischewitz Concord grape juice for me. No drunk group reading of Song of Songs. sad!!!!!
I miss you!!

Cabe said...

A toast: To Eugene!

Cabe said...

Simply glorious.

Keepitmoving said...

Without you, there'd be no Eugene in my life...