Tuesday, April 3, 2007

If "Time Out New York" stopped me on the street...

...and asked me what movie I was most looking forward to, it would be this one.

I so secretly always wanted to get stopped by TONY for this very reason, but I knew they'd never stop me because my jeans were so obvioulsy from Old Navy, but just the same, I really wanted to answer the "what are you currently reading," "how much are you willing to pay for a haircut" and of course, the very important movie question. Sometimes, while walking to work, I would quiz myelf on the TONY questions so I'd be prepared in case they stopped me.

Basically it comes down to how much I love lists, interviews, and especially questionaires. Please, people, ask me questions. It's the only way I ever get to know what I'm thinking.

Oh, and please go see this movie with me.


Cabe said...

Re-ignite the sun? Hahahaha. Best trailer ever.

Keepitmoving said...

ok, who is it? Sarsgard? Phoenix? Wood? A new GTH?
You and me babe- AMC 42nd st @ midnight?

Kj said...

Who's GTH? Remind me. In this case, it's Cillian Murphy.
I hope you wave to AMC Empire for me. It kept me safe in times of trial and hardship. Oh how that many-escalatored building blessed me.

and you too

Keepitmoving said...


Kj said...

no, aside from a stellar international indie actor film cast, this one's really about director Danny Boyle for me. All i want is to see is a movie by the man who made Trainspotting & 28 Days Later, that is set in space. Cabe and his physicist friends can laugh at the premise all they want, but I'll have the last laugh when the movie turns out to rock hardcore in psychological/suspense/space movie fashion.