Monday, April 30, 2007

Not Dead, Just Busy

As the title suggests, it's been hectic schedulewise, emotionally, and intellectually. I just completed my second term at Mars Hill and am now looking at options to expand my plan of study to a possible three year-more-broadly-defined program to incoporate more theology, counseling and cultural engagement/arts kind of stuff. More on that once there's something worth saying. But I'll say this much, I'm starting Hebrew classes next week. Huzzah!

My mom just finished a four day visit. Hadn't seen her (or Dad for that matter) since I left their home in Arizona last August. When I landed in AZ end of last June, I was in a wheelchair and needed an oxygen tank on the plane. When I arrived in Seattle end of August, I was walking and talking, but the mere carrying of a guitar case had me wheezing like I'd run 20 laps. When mom arrived the other day, she commented on how briskly I was walking, and I realized it'd been quite awhile since I thought about pneumonia or really noticed latent effects. That was nice.

And finally, Intiman Theater is back up and running for the new season, and I finally have regular work again. I'm now the senior bartender, which is pretty wacky, but everyone else left, so I get to set up stuff my way. No problems there. At last, the closetted efficiency-expert in me can come out of hiding.

And, as always, the emerging of Spring weather sort of sends me into hibernation. Well, actually, my insides go crazy and I wish I could go hibernate, but instead I have to buck up and try to brave the onslaught of emotions and memories that spring breezes unsettle. It's a pretty painful season for me. Everything's blossoming and I want to run and hide. Lillacs are popping out everywhere, and I think of Bennington, and Kim especially. And that is nice. But still, the smell of spring flowers sends me into emotional anaphylactic shock. Wish I could really figure out why. I have my suspicions, but mostly, it's just that feeling of everything else coming alive, and me, feeling no change at all. I feel like I stick out- the only thing that isn't pleasantly pastel and chirping joyfully. hmm... (Oh, Kim took this beautiful spring picture- I stole it off the interweb).

Anyway, that's some of what's kept me away from the computer. Here's a quote to finish. As always, great quotes brought to me by my favorite ex-con existentialist dee-jay, Northern Exposure's Chris-in-the-Morning. He quoted this in a season four episode I watched today. God bless that TV show.

"A woman uses her intelligence to find reasons to support her intuition." -GK Chesterton

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