Friday, March 28, 2008

scarf scarf scarf

The "Its Okay to be an Activist" Scarf for:

Name: Paula Womack

Job: MACP Graduate Student; Brunch server extraordinaire (bartend a bit on the side but not long enough to have earned the title).

Age: 28 years old

What i want to be when i grow up:

Best thing that happened to me last week: I got my ipod's been in Portland since September

On my bookshelf most recently: Passionate booklets

On my ipod a lot lately: everything from Indigo Girls to Patty Griffin to random music my friends give me...getting reacquainted with it (see "Best thing that happened to me last week" above...)

Just watched this: "My Life as a Dog"...for class

Why i let someone knit me a scarf with hardly any say in how it would look: Because KJ is cool and she let me hug her when she had a very huggable sweater on. And, I had seen her male scarf line and wanted to get in on being one of the first (OK, I was the second) women she made a scarf for :)

Kj's Inspiration: For Paula, I broke the mold of using 1 or 2 neutral colors and a "punch" color, by using 2 bold colors and 1 neutral as accent. This came from the fact that while I was starting to imagine sky blues for Paula, she said "I want a RED scarf." Also, I'd fallen in love with this black/purple yarn and had wanted a reason to use it. Normally I would never put purple, black and red together, but with a little gray- it really felt appropriately funky-chic to match Paula's suave-stand-out-ishness. I don't know why I called it an activist scarf- it's sort of subconscious, but I don't think Paula would mind being called an activist, and the "it's okay to be one" part I think is the fact that this scarf sort of feels a little bourgeois-bohemian-wanna-be-edgy to me- or at least on the verge of it, so I'm saying, it's okay to be on the verge of trends sometime. Even on the edge of edgy which ends up near the middle of normal. And now I'm rambling. I really like this scarf.

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