Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Women's Department

It took a while, but I was finally ready to knit for GIRLS!! And also, ready to expand the Scarf Blog Interviews. So here is "The Elongated Polka-Dot Scarf" for:

Name: Lacie Kaye Morrison

Job: Nanny

Age: 26

What i want to be when I grow up: A therapist and a crazy cool scarf collector

Best thing that happened to me last week: ...

On my bookshelf most recently: Besides school books? "The beautiful things that heaven bears" and a bunch of anne lamott's stuff. but they tend to sort of stay on my bookshelf, if you know what i mean. :)

On my ipod a lot lately: The weepies, tegan and sara, always don and lori chaffer (waterdeep)

Just watched this: Gilmore Girls

Why i let someone knit me a scarf with hardly any say in how it would look: Have you seen all the other scarves kj's been making for people? how could i not?

Kj's Inspiration: Enough women had started asking me if I'd do girl scarves that by the time Lacie approached me enthusiastically, I was finally ready. I was inspired a silk scarf she was wearing in her hair at the time which was very Pop 60's turquoise polka dots. And of course, I was inspired by Lacie's brown hair and blue eyes (projecting myself a little bit too...).

Then, while I was knitting in my housemate's room (and beating him at computer Monopoly) I noticed that his bedding was awesome art deco polka dots in almost the exact color scheme I was working on. So, since I'm sticking with stripes for now, this scarf is my idea of funky polka dots streamlined for chic-ness. (Also, when I gave Lacie her scarf on Monday, she was wearing a mint green shirt with little white polka dots- it just makes sense, people.)

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