Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Holy Obi Kenobi!

This goes out to my 4-year old niece Abby who called C-3P0 "the Guy with Gold Pants" and remarked "Darth Vader, that's a pretty name."


Keepitmoving said...

LOLx100 for serious! I used LOL!

Ummmm you should check out this

Anonymous said...

hey - video no longer available... :( I want to see Abby.

Kj said...

Hey Ken-
the link still worked for me just now- you can also just search youtube for "star wars according to a 3 year old"
it's not actually Abby- just some girl, but it reminded me of how funny Abby's interpretation of star wars was too --

Anonymous said...

oh ok, i just watched it. :) too bad it's not abby. you should put a video of her up!

this girl knows more about star wars than i do!!